taprs is a smart phone application that intelligently and instantaneously detects and reports road traffic congestions and potholes automatically without the need of human intervention. All you need to do is to launch the application before you start commuting and the application will handle everything by itself, while informing you of any oncoming traffic or potholes and their severity so you would be able to take smart route decisions to arrive to your destination quicker and safer.

Traffic congestion and road surface malformations are both incidents that we encounter whilst travelling from point A to point B. Although the magnitude of such incidents varies from one another, they equally frustrate us drivers and cause various social, environmental and economic issues which we would need to face one time or another. Decreasing the chances of such incidents would also proportionally decrease the frustration and other related issues faced by commuters. Throughout the years, different traffic incident detection techniques utilising different detector types such as inductive loops, radio frequency, video, infra-red, microwave, magnetic and acoustic have been developed and researched in order to overcome the increasing phenomena of traffic congestion on the roads. Although the detection techniques may be efficient and accurate, some of the devices used such as specialised cameras, sensors, wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) antennas and the like are extremely expensive and cannot be installed on a wide range of locations, thus only allowing authorities to monitor parts of the transport network.

This is where taprs comes in and fills the gap. taprs is a real-time incident detection system (IDS) which in its own merit is a subset of intelligent transport systems (ITS). This technique works through crowd sourcing whereby commuters detect and report incidents and the system will process these reports in order to generate a real-time snapshot of the situation on the Maltese roads, identifying congested roads and potholes detected and charting them on a map. The geographic knowledge that is collaboratively constructed by the users through the use of this application will aid all Maltese commuters at making smarter use of the transport network in order to arrive to their destinations faster and safer. The instant reporting of traffic congestion and road surface imperfections will also be beneficial to the relevant authorities in order to improve their overall understanding of repeating events such as traffic congestions and in order to deploy the required task force in response to events reported such as severe traffic congestions or severe potholes which might lead to other road incidents. This will help at maintaining equilibrium on the transport network.
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taprs is in the final stages of development and will be released to different app stores shortly.

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